One Drag Photo album thumbnail index HTML web page generator

This automatic information of the date your picture was taken makes your digital photos alive !
         ... and brings to you good memory forever and ever !! Try It and Believe It ! Sample


     You drag in a picture folder. We do the rest.

What makes OneDrag unique?

  • One Drag, no questions asked on your first album
  • Drag-and-drop picture caption
  • Automatic Date Picture Taken and Camera jpg image information
  • Fastest, easiest, cleanest yet Professional finish

Free Download and Updatenew_yellow.gif (144 bytes)
(634K Version 1.0 Last updated 03/14/2004 Prompt for installation of MS .Net Framework 1.1 if you do not have it installed yet)

Order ($19) Order from our secured site and get the registration code

The Fastest Web Pages Generator (Flash Fast)

You just need to drag a folder that contains your JPG photos and drop it into the green box. If you don't know how to drag a folder, click the open folder button. No questions asked! We design the professional layout for you at the first time.

Photo Reordering and Selected

Select or unselect photos by click the check boxes. Move up and down to arrange the oder of your photos.

Work side-by-side with IE browser

Once you change something, click the HTML process button will turn red . Click it, then go to the IE browser to refresh (F5 or ) the page.

Photo JPG and EXIF data

This data is automatically added to the beginning of the picture caption. You can select how it is presented by clicking the editing button.


The camera make and model data in the EXIF is manipulated into a short and clear string. Compare ours with others.

Pure HTML code

HTML page means it's machine and platform independent. You can view it with any Internet browser anywhere without any extra software.

Caption Editing

Directly type text into the picture caption box or drag-and-drop text into the box. Open a bigger window to edit the text by clicking the edit button. It supports your language. For Asian languages, use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to paste the content.

No Touch on your originals

One Drag creates a sub directory under the picture folder to host small size thumbnails (about 4K each). Your original JPG photos are not touched, not even rotate. The EXIF and JPG image information will never be altered.

Date Picture Taken

This data displayed in the picture caption provide invaluable information for your photo. It includes the day of week. You just try and believe that. You can display this data as precise as the second you press the camera button. If this data is not available, the program will mark it as a file creation date (File).

Burn Your own CD-ROM

To burn all the generated web pages and the pictures into a CD is a good idea to preserve your digital photos. To generate your own CD photo album, just copy the whole directory to the CD. No other software is needed to view the photos. There are all pure HTML documents. Just open the first HTML document index1.htm.

Clean and Simple

No unnecessary themes or skins to decorate. Simple and clean style last forever.

Legacy PhotoIndex Pro program is still available. Click here.

Free HTML Color Tuner

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