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First Time User:
Browse sample pictures and try click all available buttons and menus. At the end, don't save anything when you are asked. Later on, click the Open Folder icon and select the folder that contains your digital pictures (must be JPG or GIF format). This program does not alter your image files at all. Use Micosoft's Image Viewer to rotate pictures. Use other software to resample or physically resize pictures if you need.

More Features and Tips:
Read the general description from the home page. To find out more tips, tricks and short-cut keys in running this program, go to our Sample page and view the caption under each picture. more tips...

Demo Version:
The Demo version allows you to evaluate the program for 60 days and also disables the footnote link editing that shows our web site link on your generated pages.

Purchase the Software:
Click here to purchase the software on-line and receive your registration code to unlock the program.

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Thumbnail Slide Bar
Thumbnail slide bar picks up the first 37 pictures to show on the left side of the screen. If your folder contains more than 37 images, use clicking the row on the right pane to pop up the image.

Navigating Pictures
Use Up, Down, PgUp and PgDn keys to navigate pictures.

Mega Mega Pixels
It doesn't make sense putting high quality pictures on the web. Low resolution 640x400 is a good size for web pictures. Set your digital camera to this size when you just want your friends to view the activities.

Flash Fast Modifying Web Pages
Make changes on the web page setting widow --> Click Apply button --> Click Regenerate button.

More Tips To Come...

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