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Photo album thumbnail index web page generator


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What makes PhotoIndexPro unique?

  • Unlimited online caption editing
  • Best instant resizable browser for high-quality photos
  • One-click instant web page generation and update
  • Multiple-pane picture-data screen design
  • On program slide show
  • FTP upload ready

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Samples || More instructions on using this software are displayed in the caption of every picture page
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Guide Online || Access this online site from the program for more tips

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The Best and Easiest Photo Browser (Feel the Differences)

You will immediately find out that PhotoIndexPro is your best photo browser right after you open your own photo folder. A thumbnail slide bar is on the left where you can see the first 37 pictures in the folder. You can also turn off the slide bar to get extra room for the main picture. The main picture window is automatically adjusted to fit the width at first. One click to view the actual size picture while you can pane the picture around to see the details. This is an excellence photo browser typically for oversize high-quality photos in that you can resize the viewing window by dragging the screen corner or the center dividing bar. To view one particular picture, just click the thumbnail on the left or click a row on the right. Use Up and Down keyboard keys to navigate. Turn on the slide show, sit back and enjoy viewing the slides.

The Fastest Web Pages Generator (Flash Fast)

When you open your picture folder, IndexPro automatically creates a table hosting information of every single picture in that folder. Then by clicking the Generate button, a fabulous thumbnail index page, with links to every picture, is instantly presented before you. When you run the program first time, these settings are inherited from the Samples directory. The program itself is very intuitive. You can change the titles, font color, background color, index and picture captions for ever picture, displaying sequence, thumbnail size, number of column, etc. Fine tune the settings and regenerate web pages until you are satisfied with the outcomes. Modifying web pages is just flash fast. No more struggle with HTML coding.

A Powerful Image Organizer

Not just a photo album web page generator, the small binary template file keeps tract of all information of every single picture which include file name, width and height, file type, file size, index caption, picture caption and your note. The 'Index.tpl' resides in the folder every time you open a new folder. By clicking the title bar, you can sort files by size, width, date, etc. Bi-direction sorting is useful in grouping your photos. Take note on every photo at My Note column. Use Tools->Search Text to search any text in the captions and notes. The particular picture will be selected when it contains the searched text.

Dedicated Screen Design

This software has gone through redesign for many times. We want to make sure that this product is easy and pleasant to use for everybody. Download and try the program for free. You will feel the differences using Photo IndexPro. Watch our product updates and upgrades. We are working hard to improve our products.

FTP Upload Ready

You can directly upload your works to your site. Just connect to the server by supplying the server name and password. Once connected, create a folder and click the FTP upload button. The program automatically checks the required files to upload (it's very nice). However, if you just want to update, select those been changes and save uploading time. Watch the total disk space needed displayed at the lower right corner of the status bar.

Burn Your own CD-ROM Ready

To burn all the generated web pages and the pictures into a CD is a good idea to preserve your digital photos. Digital pictures never fade out. To generate your own CD photo album, just copy the whole directory to the CD. No other software is needed. If you are using Windows XP, just drag the files into the empty CD-R folder then select Write to Disc from the File menu. When you open the CD directory with your favorite browser (IE or Netscape), the index thumbnail page, index.htm, will be automatically brought up. Again, your photos are presented on web pages. This is cross-platform, machine-independent and no extra software is needed.

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