73 KB    600 x 450    Wednesday, March 17, 2004 7:51:53 PM    SONY DSC-P52

This whole sample photo album was generated within 3 seconds after I dragged in the folder into the green drop box. Some of the pictures have been resampled to reduce the size. The original size of this picture was 1.2M. Pretty big, isn't it? Now it's only 73K.Note the original date of the picture taken is Nov 19, 2003. After resized, the date picture taken information is erased from the JPG EXIF data. The date it was resized became the Date Picture Taken. The camera make and model data is kept in the JPG header. I used the resample utility of the One Drag Professional to resize it. Stay tuned with our professional version. If you use other image software to resample your JPG images, mostly all the EXIF image information will be erased.